Accademia Gallery in Florence: reserve your tickets before you leave and save time!

If you are a Michelangelo fan, or even a common admirer of art, then the Accademia gallery is one place that you should not miss visiting while in Florence. Home to a number of original Michelangelo works, including the original statue of David, La Galleria dell'Accademia houses some of the greatest works of arts of some of the best artists and sculptors that the world has ever known.

The Accademia gallery, which consists of two floors, houses some of the most famous Florentine artworks created during the 14th and the 15th centuries. Though started in 1784 by the Grand Duke Leopoldo of Lorena in order to help students from the Academy of Beau Arts to study and learn from the works of great masters, the gallery was opened to the public only in 1985.

La Galleria dell'Accademia, which attracts maximum number of visitors because of its fame as a repository of a vast number of famous and incomplete works of Michelangelo, also houses names as immortal as Bartolini, Giambologna, Portelli, Andrea del Sarto and Filippo Lippi.

The museum is also host to a large collection of vivid sacred paintings by Taddeo Gaddi , Pacino di Bonaguida  and the three Orcagna brothers --Andrea, Nardo and Jacopo di Cione. Other artists of repute whose work is exhibited in the gallery are Giovanni da Milano, Gherardo Starnina, Lorenzo Monaco and their contemporaries.

Confirming your tickets to the gallery online will save you from waiting outside the gallery for tickets and entries. Tickets to the Accademia start at € 9.49, and if you book them online via the Weekend a Firenze website, you may not only get discounts, but also special offers at popular Florence restaurants and boutiques.